Tin mine
You know, there's this cool saving in Thai that goes like "The good earth'! It's all about how Mother Nature is always
looking out for us. Take Phuket for example - it's not just about the stunning ocean views, but also the tin mines that used to be a big deal and helped us become the amazing island we are today. So, to give a shout-out to our nature and ancestors, our ice cream kitchen is whipping up this story through ice cream. About 600 years back, in the Ayutthaya era, we struck tin in Phuket. So the history of Phuket tin mine is kinda like a sepia and black and white snapshot. Our kitchen took that idea and turned it into ice cream. We used organic milk and black sesame to get that vintage color We think it might be what a mine feels like too. Picture all the miners in the dusty, gritty sand. The thing keeping them going? The promise of striking the mineral vein!! So, we made crunchy honey toffee and swirled it into our rich ice cream, It's like a little sparkly surprise when you find it, just like the miners striking tin! If you're having a blast with this story, why not dive right in? Together, let's turn this into a friendly competition and see who can discover the most tin ore and level up to become the proud owner of the mine!
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Milk, Black sesame, Honeycomb toffee


Temperature controlled courier

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