Sweet Tao Sor
Tao sor is a traditional crispy pastry from Phuket, influenced by Chinese bakery, with a filling of sweet or savory mung beans. The name combines Hokkien terms: "tao" for bean and "sor" for crispy pastry. It is a versatile snack enjoyed in various regions, including Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and the Philippines.
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Tao sor

Tao Sor is one of the traditional Phuket snacks influenced by Chinese culture. The root of the word “tao” means bean (in this case, mung bean) and “sor”, which means crispy pastries, in Hokkien, Chinese dialect, combined to have the meaning of this snack. “Tao Sor” in Phuket style is a pastry with sweet mung bean filling. As for the salty fillings, salt, pepper and fried shallots are added to enhance the taste.

How to reheat! To make the dough thin and crispy like fresh from the oven.
– Oven at 150c for 3 minutes
– Air fryer at 150c for 2 minutes

– Oolong and other Chinese teas
– Black coffee

Flour, Organic sugar, Mung bean, Salted egg, Vegetable oil

Beans, Gluten


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