Mooncake Biscuit Red bean (Large box)
Doll biscuit, also known as "Angkong pia" or "Kong A Pia" in Phuket, is a pastry with Chinese origins, traditionally shaped into various figures like fish or birds. Originally molded from mooncake flour as a gift or for children, it is crafted from a syrup fermented over six months, resulting in a pastry that is both aesthetically pleasing and rich in flavor.
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Doll biscuit (Angkong pia)

Doll biscuit is one of the pastries that has been influenced by China. It is named after the Hokkien Chinese as “Angkong Pia”, “Angkong” means doll and “Pia” means baked goods, but in modern Phuket it is called Kong A pia which probably distorted over time. They have so many different shapes such as fish, bird, flower and such. The process of making is still the same, Ang Kong Pia originated from mooncake flour then compressed into different doll shapes to make it smaller and prettier for children or to give as a gift. The doll biscuit is made from the syrup that has been fermented for over 6 months, so not only the beautiful shape it has but also the taste and texture that will indulged you.

Flour, Fermented sugar, Red bean, Egg, Vegetable oil

Egg, Gluten


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