Kopi and mooncake biscuit
Welcome to our local pastry kitchen where we whip up snacks that go perfectly with a cup of kopi! But here's the twist: we're not your regular coffee shop, we're an ice cream parlor! So, we thought, why not combine the best of both worlds and yes, KOPI / coffee ice cream and pastries were born! Have you met our lovable Mooncake biscuit? It's a fun-sized, no-filling version of the classic Mooncake, and comes in adorable shapes like fish and birds that are a hit with kids and adults alike. The secret to its uniqueness is the distinct scent of fermented syrup used in its making and that makes it a perfect companion to coffee. This delightful flavor was brought to life when our pastry team and cheerful ice cream kitchen decided to join forces. It's a flavor we eagerly look forward to every morning. Picture this: a warm summer morning when a piping hot coffee just doesn't hit the spot. But what about a scoop of coffee ice cream dotted with chewy biscuits? Now, that's a

morning treat that'll make your day!
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Milk, Coffee, Mooncake biscuit

Lactose, Gluten

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