Classic Phuket Cookies & Macadamia
Si Tao Sor is a crumbly, walnut or pottery-inspired Chinese-style cookie, known for its crispy pastries. Originally nut-based, the modern Phuket-style version at TORRY'S is simpler, made with flour, sugar, oil, and eggs, enhanced with macadamia nuts and a special spice blend for a distinctive taste. These cookies are especially favored during the Chinese New Year, offering a rich blend of flavors and cultural tradition in each bite.
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Si tao sor is the name for Chinese style cookies. According to the Phuket indigenous language that has its roots in the Hokkien Chinese, the word “Si” is thought to be distorted from the word “sui / shui”, which means to be crumbly, and “tao”, some says, from the “hub tao”, means walnuts. And other says “tao” which means pottery as this tales was mentioned that the cookies is first invented in the pottery province. lastly the word ‘Sor’ is crispy pastries. “Si tao sor” in the past was made from nuts, walnuts or sometimes almonds but adapted from times to times when exile from China to the present day. Si tao sor nowsaday in Phuket is therefore knowns for a cookie made from flour, sugar, oil and eggs. TORRY’S pastry kitchen then added macadamia nuts to “Si Tao Sor” as its name suggests, a pastry that contains nuts. And we choose macadamia nuts from northern Thailand that is crunchy to complement the flavor.
This type of cookies is popular during the Chinese New Year similar to the Western holiday cookie culture.

Flour, Egg, Organic sugar, Maccadamia nut, Vegetable oil

Egg, Gluten, Nut


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