Lishun Oolong
Li Shan mountain's "King of Tea," also referred to as "Honey Oolong," represents the pinnacle of Taiwanese oolong teas. Renowned for its fruity, flowery, and honey-like flavor profile, this Oolong tea offers a smooth sensation in the throat, making it a favorable choice for individuals with gastric issues.
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Known as “King of Tea” and also “Honey Oolong”, the exceptional tea from Lishan mountain is the top of all Taiwanese oolong tea. The taste may be described as fruity, flowery and even honey-like. This particular Oolong tea gives nothing but smooth feelings in the throat and, therefore, is suitable for those with gastric problem.

Quantity: 3g / 250ml water
Water temperature: 85 °C
Brewing time: 3 – 5 minutes
Infusions: Good for 2 infusions

Oolong tea



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