Ceylon Rose
Organic black tea is infused with natural rose petals, without any added flavoring. Sourced from the renowned Adawatte Tea Estate in Sri Lanka, this Ceylon black tea offers fresh herbal notes and a gentle taste. The pink rose petals, carefully handpicked from whole roses by the Atelier, create a delicately refined blend, akin to the understated elegance of a queen with her tiara.
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Ceylon black tea from the well-acclaimed Adawatte tea Estate in Sri Lanka provides a sense of fresh herbs and mildness. Pink rose petal hand picked from whole roses by the Atelier. Like a queen and her tiara, the combination of both, and nothing else, is subtly exquisite

Quantity: 3g / 250ml water
Water temperature: 95 °C
Brewing time: 3 minutes
Infusions: Good for 2 infusions

Ceylon tea, Rose petal



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