The last rice field
Did you know that Phuket has a rice held? Yes, it's true. Besides golden sands and blue ocean, we have 'the last rice. held. Located in Maikhao district, right next to the beach, this held serves as a reminder that Phuket is still part of Thailand, where rice cultivation is prevalent. We absolutely adore this "last rice held" storvi it's a testament to the spirit of the Maikhao community. They've chosen to preserve this field so they can share its yield with those who lend a hand during harvest time. And of course. It's a wonderful legacy for the younger generation to share this captivating story, we've turned to a unique form of storytelling: ice cream. We've created a rice milk ice cream, sprinkled with crispy rice crackers, much like a farmer sprinkling seeds. This allows you to experience the harmony of texture and flavor, and hopefully, it brings a smile to your face, as you think of the loving story of our little "last rice field.
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Rice milk, Rice crispy

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