Sweet & Spicy Shrimp Paste Dipping Sauce
Torry's sweet & spicy shrimp paste dipping sauce, a staple among Thai people for centuries, is ideal for pairing with sour fruits like green mangoes and pineapples. The sauce features high-quality dried shrimp, a common Southern Thai ingredient, to achieve a rich and savory taste. This traditional condiment from the Andaman to the Gulf of Thailand is enhanced with shrimp paste for added flavor depth.
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Sweet & Spicy shrimp paste dipping sauce

Sweet & spicy dipping sauce is one of the dipping sauces that have been famous among Thai people for a long time. It commonly pairs perfectly with tropical and sour fruits. When they are in the kitchens of southerners on the Andaman coast, local ingredients such as shrimp paste are blended into it. At TORRY’S we made sweet & spicy shrimp paste dipping sauce from good quality dried shrimp to get the most rich and savory taste.

– Phuket pineapple or sour fruit
– Phuket Pineapple Sorbet or other sour fruit Sorbet
– Blood tofu and cucumber

Sugar, Fish sauce, Dried shrimp, Chili, Salt, Shallot



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