Mor lao & Black sesame
Mor Lao Black Sesame is flavor inspired by a local Phuket dessert called 'Mor Lao' which originates from the Hokkien Chinese. It's a snack to go with tea or coffee in the afternoon. It has a sweet, fragrant and delicious tasle. The word "Mor" means sesame.while the word "Lao" means puffy, according to the airy, puffy texture of the snack. The uniqueness of "Mor Lao" is not only its fragrant sesame that sprinkled around but also the crispy texture on the outside and hollow and airy on the inside, which cannot be found from other sluffs. Mor Lao can be found in mam local snack shops in Phuket. Yet, It has a difficult and complicated method of making, using glutinous rice flour and steamed taro, dried in the sun. Then mix the batter with sesame seeds before frying into making the snack puff up and become crispy and aromatic. We take the flavor and fragrant of sesame to make the ice cream. In the texture of the ice cream, there are Mor Lao scattered everywhere so the smell hits the nose and the fragrance spreads throughout the entire scoop. This one is calling for all old school kids and sesame lovers.
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