Miang Kham has been a snack for Thai people for a long time. It has also been a snack for oldies in Baan Naka community in Phuket for more than 100 years. It is originally a wrap of herbal leaves with all kind of sensory component, sweet, sour, salty and spicy such as palm sugar sauce, roasted coconut, lime, dried shrimp, peanut, shallot and ginger. At Baan Naka, they serve this small savory pocket with dried anchovies or known as 'Ching Chang' which is another famous ingredient in the community. Our kitchen brings the flavor of fragrant roasted coconut, tropical goodies and the scent of those Ching Chang fish to our savory scoop. It is another flavor that is mellow, fragrant, sweet, unique and full of various herbs. Suitable for people who like Miang Kham and semi-sweet & savory snacks. Also likes to experiment with new twisted flavors.
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milk, nut

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