Batik ( Lime & Honney )
Batik is an ice cream flavor inspired by the "Batik" of the Love Batik community enterprise, located in Thalang District, Phuket. This place has a group of housewives and community members who still value creating vibrant patterns Inspired by the Andaman Sea on canvas. They work hard to preserve the local arts and crafts. Including the Phuket strle batik art, which continues to attract tourists and remains popular among the locals of Phuket. Our kitchen picks up stories about the bright patterns, and now we're sharing those stories through ice cream, Imagine the sky, the sea, colorful coral, and all the interested creatures under the deep blue sea. We capture these vibrant colors with each brushstroke, and that's the freshness and brightness you taste in every scoop of our ice cream. We use lime to represent the white clouds in the sky and indigo butterfly pea honey to represent the sea water. The result is a delightful sorbet with a combination of white and sky blue, infused with the flavors of honer and lime. To add some fun, we sprinkle chewy fruit jelly in various colors, reminiscent of underwater creatures, corals, and seaweed, as well as the beautiful colors on the canvas. Through our ice. cream, we not only share the meaning and story of Phuket batik but also bring joy and refreshment to your heart
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Lime, honey, honey & lime jelly

Temperature controlled courier

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